Craft media lists, measure performance, optimize content, navigate crises

Arkreach is a product suite for your communications needs using reader-focused news media data to plan, optimize and assess.

Reader-focused data for news media sites are under-represented in most analytics products and substituted with social media interaction data

Arkreach goes beyond social media data on published articles and focuses on reader behavior on news media sites across media categories and geographies.

Media Planning

Craft audience persona targeted Media lists

Grade news portals using proprietary metrics Ark score.

  • Focus on readers’ web behavior for your content
  • Find unique potential reach before committing a press release
  • Lead with data to finalize the media outreach mix
Content Optimisation

Use Readability Score to maximize content discovery and amplification organically

Optimize press releases and content to be in sync with readers’ content consumption behavior.

  • Evaluate the Readability Score and make corrections pre-publishing.
  • Enhance headlines and press releases for greater discoverability.
  • Keyword recommendations basis content trends.

Get reader-focused segment share and potential reach

Measure with media category engagement data beyond social media interactions

  • Upload articles or search for existing brand coverage
  • Map achieved Audience persona with the media mix plan
  • Get Predicted reach and insights, Sentiment Analysis. Use the ROI calculator, and download graphs, reports.
Crisis & Monitoring

Predicted reach, alerts with readers’ web and social media interactions

Understand brand news hotspots, and content velocity as they get published

  • Evaluate crisis-impacted audience persona with precision
  • Real-time prediction of reach across web and social media
  • Enhanced emotion detection analysis.
Where news media data meets the AI

Arkreach research methodologies and frameworks take analytics beyond the traditional news metrics. Stay tuned as our AI-trained data unlocks new product updates.

1,50,000 news sources, 27 categories

Monitored, evaluated daily

800M+ Domains

Database tracked regularly

487+ languages

Extensive global coverage

20B+ keywords

Real-time search capability

Frequently Asked Questions

ArkReach is a SaaS analytics solution designed for communications professionals. Our reader-focused approach provides deep insights from news and web sources, enabling communications analytics without the over-dependence on social media data.

Communication analytics often limits to just social media interaction data. While this data is important, it can lead to a distorted view of online reader behaviour and narrow the analytics scope for news media sites. Arkreach goes beyond social media data on published articles and focuses on reader behavior on news media sites across media categories and geographies. This makes us stand out and unmatched by any other.

Our main offerings are:

  1. Content Optimisation: Readability score- Enhancing the organic amplification & discoverability of content
  2. Media Planning: Audience persona – Generate audience persona targeted Media lists
  3. Measurement: Segment share and potential reach- Based on readers’ behavior
  4. Crisis & Monitoring: Predicted reach based on readers’ web and social media behaviour

ARKreach algorithm captures complex news media visits and content category patterns to bring to you the most updated data sets. You may see some metrics refreshed every 24 to 36 hours while others may take upto 2-4 weeks to be updated.

Hint: Hit refresh on your campaign dashboards when in doubt.

Our database includes GDPR-compliant data sets across the media categories. Over the course of the last 12 months, we have developed advanced algorithms to deliver our solutions as per the needs of the communications industry.

We use AI for increasing the speed and efficacy of our results especially automating the audience persona, media categorization, and reach calculations.

ARKreach subscribes, processes, and displays data that are either in an aggregated form or retrieved from sources as raw data that are mandated to be GDPR compliant as per internationally accepted laws and requirements.
You can read more about how we process your personal data in our Privacy Policy.

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