Measurement Module

Unlocking the Potential of News Consumption Behavior Data

In the fast-paced world of online news and PR, understanding how users consume news is crucial. Navigate the online news landscape with Arkreach's Measurement module—going beyond metrics to offer crucial insights, freeing you from dependence on social media or coverage numbers for PR success evaluation.

Progressive Metrics

Gain a competitive edge with progressive metrics based on audience news consumption behavior, offering a clearer and more accurate understanding of your PR outcomes

Audience Personas

Access detailed profiles of engaged readers for specific coverage, enabling more precise targeting and personalised outreach startegy.


Explore consumption patterns and gain valuable demographic insights for a comprehensive understanding.

Article-Level Reach

Discover your articles' true potential reach, not just through domain traffic numbers as a proxy.

Sentiment Analysis

Access article-level insights for a more accurate assessment, moving beyond reliance on headline sentiment alone

Share of Voice (SoV)

Measure your Share of Voice with real reach data, not just coverage qty, for a precise market position analysis against competitors.

Journalist Reach Data

Obtain comprehensive data on journalists' reach and influence, allowing for more strategic decisions and partnerships.

The Arkreach Difference

Advanced Coverage Analysis

At Arkreach, we deliver more than data; we provide clear, precise insights for the fast-paced world of online news and PR. Our Measurement module transforms news consumption behavior data into actionable, strategic intelligence.

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