Index Module

Uncover Global Trends with Precision

Arkreach Index is an automated platform rooted in global online news media data. It crafts user-friendly indices spanning 27 media categories to provide a comprehensive compilation of insights and correlations related to global events, brands, topics, or issues.

27 Media Categories, Endless Insights

Unlock insights across 27 media categories with this dynamic platform rooted in Arkreach data. Explore user-friendly features and automated detailed reports for community knowledge-building.


Empowering sectors across 27 media categories, from health and tech to politics and more, for comprehensive insights

Tailored Data Points

Customised Data from 150,000 News Outlets, Unveiling Trends Across 97,200 Segments, 27 Categories, and 50+ Languages.

User-Friendly Insights

HTMLized & Hosted on Your Domain. Unlock Additional Depth with a Detailed Custom Report, Enhancing Your Index Experience


Distribute Detailed Reports to Your Database, Keeping Stakeholders Informed on Pertinent Topics.

The Arkreach Difference

Customize Your Insights

Tailor Index and Reports for Targeted Audiences and Languages. A Personalized Approach for Precision, be it French or Bangla.

Explore Live Public Indices

See data unveil the raw, real story.

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