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April 17, 2024

Arkreach’s AI Breaks New Ground in Contextual Sentiment Analysis for Comms!

Discover the revolutionary power of Arkreach’s AI-powered Contextual Sentiment Analysis. This…

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February 27, 2024

Reinvent Your PR Plan: Progressive Metrics and Common Mistakes to Evade

To elevate your PR strategy, use top-tier metrics like article-level reach, audience persona…

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February 22, 2024

Comparative Measurement Dashboards Now Available!

Arkreach introduces a new feature allowing for the direct comparison of various measurement…

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More About Arkreach

Here are some Arkreach descriptions. Feel free to include them when writing about our business.

Short Description

Arkreach specializes in providing online news consumption behavioural data at the article level, enabling precise planning for PR media outreach and coverage impact measurement. With an analysis capacity covering over 150,000 news sources and 97,200 distinct user persona segments in 487+ languages, Arkreach stands at the intersection of news media and AI.

Long Description


  1. What do we do? – Arkreach provides online news consumption behavioural data at the article level to effectively plan PR media outreach, and precisely measure its impact.
  2. Use cases: With it, you can craft media lists, measure performance, optimise content, and navigate crises using progressive metrics.
  3. What you can steer clear of?-You no longer have to rely on news domain traffic or social media data to gauge the coverage performance. These methods, once industry benchmarks have proved to be ineffective.
  4. Our tech scope: We analyse data from 150,000 news sources, uncovering 97,200 distinct user persona segments. Our global database spans over 800 million domains in 487+ languages.

Key metrics that the modules provide:

  1. Share of Voice: Based on the actual reach of articles, and not on the quantity of coverage achieved vs competition.
  2. Audience Persona: Gain an understanding of the demographic and psychographic characteristics of individuals reached by news articles. Potentially 97,200 online media segments are available.
  3. Media Planning: Target specific outlets (media lists) based on readership personas and reach (and not domain traffic). In-depth data across 27 media categories is available.
  4. Potential Reach: Evaluate potential outreach through unique article views.

Learn more about Arkreach’s key metrics here.


Year Founded

By Neeraj Kumar in New Delhi, India



Located in Delhi, IN and Toronto, CA

Where news media data meets the AI

Arkreach research methodologies and frameworks take analytics beyond the traditional news metrics. Stay tuned as our AI-trained data unlocks new product updates.

1,50,000 news sources, 27 categories

Monitored, evaluated daily

800M+ Domains

Database tracked regularly

487+ languages

Extensive global coverage

20B+ keywords

Real-time search capability