Everything we do is to challenge the status quo.

We disrupt traditional metrics in communications and public relations, which are not suited to the rise of online news media. Here are the five myths we bust with Arkreach!

Myth 1

Myth: Domain visits equals 'reach'

That's right. The reach of your article was never the overall domain traffic of the news website. Attributing the entire website traffic to your one article is impossible and misguided.

Myth 2

My campaign just achieved $$bn ROI

Well, it can but measuring every campaign's success in billions of ROI based on outdated metrics needs to stop. Accurately calculating the share of voice requires understanding the article-level potential reach within the overall targeted audience size

Myth 3

Most of my coverage articles have '000 readers/views

That's true in some cases but highly unlikely in most. Simply because yours is just one of many articles which get published. You may get social chatter around your content but the key is to get more readers of your article. To increase readership, accurate media planning based on media category-specific audience size is essential.

Myth 3

Social media engagement-based ROI helps PR

Using social media engagement as a benchmark for your article's reach is misleading and can negatively impact your targets. Social media is an amplifier, but engagement is a byproduct of content quality, not the sole metric. Virality is an added bonus. Refocusing on readership metrics is essential.

Myth 4

More published articles equals more engagements and reach

Less coverage without proper media planning is more effective, as it can lead to sustained gains in reach and share of voice. Instead of relying solely on the number of coverage articles, focus on reaching and engaging with your target audience.

Myth 5

PR can never be at par with marketing

Our IPs enable us to precisely identify the reach and audience persona of individuals who may come across your online coverage. This provides concrete, measurable data with dynamic metrics to evaluate your brand's impact. Utilize our customizable ArkPro dashboard for live metric feeds and quick decision-making. Marketing has always been about reaching the right target audience with accuracy, and now with Arkreach, we can do it better than ever before.


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