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A Quick Troubleshooting Guide to Understanding Potential Reach ‘<100'

Are you wondering why the potential reach for your article is displaying as less than ‘<100’? Here are five key reasons why this could be happening and how to address it.

1. Limited content in the media category:

If there aren’t enough articles within the same ‘media category’ on the website where your article is hosted, this could limit the overall audience interest, thereby affecting your potential reach.

2. Incompatible website structure:

Our system may find some website structures incompatible for pulling and analyzing articles. This could also contribute to a lower potential reach number.

3. Historical data access:

Your organization’s Arkreach subscription plan plays a pivotal role in this scenario. The plan should support historical data pull. Sometimes, if the publishing date of the article is beyond the subscribed plan duration (by default, it’s a month), the system might not process the article data.

4. Untracked news website domain:

Occasionally, due to technical challenges or non-inclusion in Arkreach’s database, a news website domain might not be tracked. If you face this issue, don’t worry. Just email us the website URLs and we’ll start tracking them within 24-48 hours.

5. Unique Media list:

Perhaps your work lies in a niche sector, and the news websites that matter to you are quite specialized, regional, or language-specific. Any of the above reasons could be responsible for <100 potential reach.

6. Low reach:

Unfortunately, the reach of the articles might be so low that it falls beneath the detection threshold of our systems.

Facing any of the above issues and want to dig deep?  Here’s what you can do:

You can either email us at [email protected] or use the chatbot within the platform. Please include the following information:

  • Copy the dashboard URL from your browser. It would look something like this- https://app.arkreach.com/measurement/show/10
  • The relevant website URLs and article links
  • A brief description of the issue
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