Revolutionizing Comms Analytics with ArkReach: The Groundbreaking Analytics Suite

In a world where traditional social media metrics have become outdated, ArkReach has arrived as a revolutionary SaaS analytics product. Its reader-focused approach provides in-depth insights into audience behavior on news and content publishing sites, enabling PR agencies, brands, and consultants to make data-driven decisions and succeed.



Building Arkreach - where news media data meets the AI

Introducing ArkReach: A Game-Changer in Communications Analytics

Modules for Comprehensive Solutions

ArkReach offers four suites – Media Planning, Content Optimization, Measurement, Crisis Management, and Monitoring – providing a complete solution for all communication needs. Leveraging cutting-edge AI and ML technology, the platform rewrites the rules of analytics for news media analysis.

Innovative Metrics

ArkReach’s metrics such as the Ark Score, Category Confidence, Readability Score, and Real-Time Engagement Score deliver a more accurate picture of audience behavior, leaving no room for guesswork.

Bold and Confident Approach

ArkReach sets itself apart from competitors by focusing on reader behavior and utilizing the latest technology to stay ahead of the curve. The platform’s bold and confident approach guarantees that you get real results.

Join the Revolution

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